PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter Team goes to Shanghai

謝謝你,上海 Thank you, Shanghai


OneWorld Properties team members are back in South Florida after a successful sales trip to Shanghai.


President and CEO Peggy Fucci, VP of Marketing Vivian Cepero, Sales Executives Shelley Figueroa and Cristina Doldan, and Marketing Coordinator Veronica (Cui) Li, along with PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter developer Dan Kodsi, traveled to China.


The team promoted PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter to Chinese investors at the U.S. Real Estate Showcase and Forum hosted by The Real Deal Sept. 10-12 at the Shangri-La Hotel.


From feng shui elements to units ending with the Chinese lucky number 8, the team touted the plans for the 58-story downtown Miami luxury condo tower.


Sixteen percent of the units sold have already gone to Chinese buyers, who are paying an average of $1.2 million.


Those prices are a bargain compared with those in other major world cities. Wealthy Chinese individuals are also looking to convert devalued yuan into dollars by investing in U.S. real estate.


OneWorld’s efforts in China have been featured in the Associated Press and The Washington Post.


At the forum, OneWorld Properties and PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter entered into a partnership with Chinese brokerage firm Homelink.


Xièxie, China. Thank you, China.


Next place to visit on a sales trip? Turkey in the Fall.