OneWorld CEO Peggy Fucci connects with execs on luxury real estate

From exciting details of client projects to how she manages her brokerage business, OneWorld Properties CEO Peggy Fucci shared her world with other C-level and senior executives.

In 1999 Peggy started working in luxury real estate and in 2008 founded OneWorld Properties, which has sold more than 2,000 units, accounting for $2 billion in sales.

Peggy sat down with Lifestyle Media Group Chairman Gary Press for a 25-minute interview Feb. 18 at the South Florida Business & Wealth CEO Connect event at the PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter Sales Gallery downtown.

The elite group got a firsthand look at the amenities the 700-foot residential tower will boast in the middle of downtown Miami, including a soccer field and tennis courts.

The 500-plus-unit, 58-story condo project is part of Miami Worldcenter, one of the largest developments in the country that recently announced a new open-air shopping destination instead of an air-conditioned mall.

“This high street retail concept with open plazas, with ways to really integrate a community, it was a fantastic move,” said Peggy, reassuring people won’t have to worry about the Miami heat.

“There are other techniques for them to build around and use shade and use cooling mists.”

OneWorld sold $250 million last year in PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter residences.

“All of our buyers are excited about the future of downtown Miami,” Peggy said.

OneWorld is also the exclusives sales and marketing team for Brickell Ten, Terrazas Miami and PARAMOUNT Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Buyers come from all around the world.

Peggy, who specializes in bringing international buyers to the local real estate market, has traveled to 16 international cities throughout 11 countries in the past two years.

“The beauty of our business is that you can be mobile,” said Peggy, when asked how she balances her extensive travel with managing the company.

“It is challenging but at the same time I think it gives you a great perspective in order to bring back and be able to be innovative and be able to continue to move forward.”

Last month, Peggy served as a panelist for Lifestyle Media Group’s Eastward Bound event at Weston Hills Country Club.