America’s first Jetsons-style flying cars SkyPort under construction in Miami

America’s first Jetsons-style flying cars SkyPort under construction in Miami

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MIAMI (CBS Newspath/WKRC) - Construction of America’s first Jetsons-style Flying Cars SkyPort is nearing completion atop the 60th floor SkyDeck of Paramount Miami Worldcenter -- the world’s most heavily-amenitized residential tower. Paramount is the soaring signature skyscraper of Miami Worldcenter -- the nation’s second-largest real estate development and Florida’s biggest building project, which is billed as “America’s City-within-the-City-of-The Future.”

The developers say, in the future, they expect to build SkyPorts in other major U.S. cities.

George Jetson Inspires SkyPort

“Ever since The Jetsons animated TV cartoon aired in the mid-1960’s, the world has been talking about flying cars,” says Daniel Kodsi (Cod-See), Paramount Miami Worldcenter’s CEO-Developer. “We have built the 60th floor SkyDeck pool, so its floor will rise; draining all water; and will self-convert into a take-off and landing pad.”

Kodsi explains, “Via a glass-enclosed elevator, passengers will be lifted to Paramount’s SkyLobby from where they will take-off and land at its SkyPort high above downtown Miami.” He continues, “People can actually fly home; land on the roof and, instead of entering and exiting through a ground floor lobby, they can access their homes from the top of the building.”

He forecasts, “There will be a demand for South Florida VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) air vehicle service because of the area’s overly-congested highways, inner-city gridlock, and because the region’s affluent population seeks this mode of transportation.”

According to Kodsi, he is in talks with several VTOL air vehicle manufacturers. The multi-prop flying cars travel at top speeds of 230 miles per hour. They are more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and quieter than helicopters.

“The technology exists today,” says Kodsi. “We are just a few years away from the first flights, which could start in the 2020’s, depending on regulatory issues. Meanwhile we are building for the future now. This type of transportation is inevitable and we, at Paramount Miami Worldcenter, want to remain ahead of the competition that is why we are building the SkyDeck so it can serve as a take-off and landing pad.”

Miami Worldcenter: “City of the Future”

Workers have completed vertical construction of the 700-foot, $600-million Paramount Miami Worldcenter. They now are working-on the interiors of 524 high-rise homes; 26 of which are penthouses. The building should be completed and ready for occupancy in Spring 2019. More than 85 percent of the units are sold.

Paramount rises from the heart of the colossal $3-billion Miami Worldcenter. It will be the city’s new retail, residential, dining, hospitality, entertainment, and transportation complex. Miami Worldcenter is being built on a 27-acre, 10-city-block-long urban landscape in downtown Miami. For decades, the area was littered with decaying warehouses. “It is being transformed into, ‘America’s City-within-the-City of the Future,’ says Miami-Dade Mayor Carols Gimenez.

Many refer to the project as, “The Manhattanization of Miami.”

Miami Worldcenter will be composed of 11 residential and commercial office buildings, a nearly half-mile long retail and restaurant promenade, the new Miami Convention Center, and several hotels, including Florida’s largest – a 1600 room Marriott Marquis. The retail, restaurant, and entertainment promenade will be lined with two and three-story High-Street style stores and a fusion of outdoor dining experiences. Adjacent to Miami Worldcenter is the new main terminal of Virgin Trains USA. It is America’s only privately-owned and operated intrastate passenger railroad.

Bigger than Rockefeller Center

At 27-acres, Miami Worldcenter is one acre smaller than New York’s 28-acre Hudson Yards complex. It is the largest real estate development in the U.S. In comparison, Rockefeller Center, built in 1931, is 22-acres. Several other buildings that compose Miami Worldcenter are nearing completion. Others are under construction.

Most Heavily-Amenitized Condo Tower Alters Cityscape

Construction crews have just-completed Paramount’s 60th floor pinnacle and have installed the mirrored-glass exterior. “Paramount reflects the nearby Freedom Tower, American Airlines Arena, and Biscayne Bay,” explains Kodsi. “Paramount Miami Worldcenter is altering the city’s skyline, says Kodsi. “Whether you arrive by flying car, airplane, automobile, cruise ship or rail -- when you approach Miami you will see Paramount.” The building is outlined with neon white lighting. ”It is a beacon that signals, ‘you’ve arrived’.”

Largest Urban Amenities Deck

Paramount Miami Worldcenter features a four-acre elevated urban amenities deck – the largest in the U.S. The deck includes resort-style pools, spas, jogging paths, gardens, villas, summer BBQ kitchens, lounges, a jam room, tennis courts, and a soccer field overlooking downtown Miami.

Sky Deck & Lounge:

Paramount’s Sky-Deck is shaped like the stern of a super yacht. It features lounges, an astronomy observatory, tai-chai deck, and a sunrise infinity plunge pool oasis with a 360-degree view of the city.

Spa & Fitness Center

Inside Paramount is a conservatory, recreation lounge, jam room, kids play room, a spa with steam showers, and a state-of-the-art fitness center with boxing and yoga studios, racquetball courts, and a regulation half basketball court.

High-Rise Homes

There are 524 units. Twenty-six are penthouses. One-bedroom high-rise homes start in the mid-$700,000’s. Penthouses range in price from $4-million to more than $10-million. All units have 10-foot ceilings and outdoor living rooms.