Flying Taxis on the Horizon

Flying Taxis on the Horizon

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Watch interview with developer and Royal Palm Companies CEO Dan Kodsi.

"We're anticipating as early as 2020 in other countries--they're going to start testing it out. But in Miami it's probably going to take a little longer. U.S. regulations are a little bit more difficult to get through. If I had to guess, 10-15 years from now.

"It lifts through (the pool). The water seeps around it. It creates a platform which is a landing platform for a passenger drone to land in the future.

"At PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter we like to stay a little bit ahead of the competition. We want to be progressive. It's the flagship building of the project (Miami Worldcenter, the second-largest urban development in the country). We will be the first to have that type of access for passenger drones to actually land on the roof. We have elevator access on the roof that will take you down to your home."