Luxury Miami High-Rise Using Robots To Zap Out COVID-19

Luxury Miami High-Rise Using Robots To Zap Out COVID-19

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New York Post
Luxury Miami high-rise using robots to zap out COVID-19
By Paula Froelich
August 8, 2020


Robot3, Morris Miller, CEO of Xenex Disinfection Services, speaks about the LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot at the Paramount Miami Worldcenter.
Getty Images

Call it the coronavirus terminator.

A luxury high-rise in Miami has announced it has opened its doors to a COVID-19-killing robot.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter has “employed” the Xenex LightStrike UV ray robot, which uses bursts of ultraviolet light to destroy the coronavirus — claiming it’s the first residential skyscraper in the country to do so.

“We wanted to bring this technology here into Paramount, use it within our amenities, so our residents would feel that they have great security here in our building,” Paramount Miami Worldcenter CEO Daniel Kodsi told the local CBS station — adding he is also in the process of building “the world’s first COVID-conscious hotel.”