PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter Releases New Video Citing Top 10 Reasons Miami Real Estate Remains Resilient.

PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter Releases New Video Citing Top 10 Reasons Miami Real Estate Remains Resilient.

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Touting the long term value of the downtown Miami real estate market, its steady growth in population and Miami’s premier status as the City of the Future, PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter has released an international video that informs global buyers and brokers on the long term value of the Miami market and why downtown will continue its trajectory as the most sought after real estate in the country.

The world wants to play and live here. The Miami Downtown Development Authority estimates there are 88,540 residents in Greater Downtown Miami, and the local population should surpass 100,000 by 2021. Greater Downtown has added nearly 22,000 people since 2010 – an increase of almost 33%.

“Sophisticated buyers understand that in the long run Miami real estate will continue to climb and has provided great returns to patient buyers and investors. We created a video that in four minutes quickly and effectively explains and summarizes the benefits of investing for the long haul in Miami. The video serves to counter much of the misinformation in the marketplace,” said developer Daniel Kodsi.

Outlining the top ten reasons in a quick and compelling video that has been translated into a variety of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese, a sampling of the points offered throughout include:

*Miami offers global investors the best of both worlds – a safe haven for their investments and a great place to call home.

*Historical data supports that those with a long term investment to holding real estate will be rewarded.

*Demand for new residential units is not speculative – the ratio of new residential permits to population increases is still below equilibrium in Miami-Dade County.

*Miami nests between the Everglades National Park and Atlantic Ocean, natural barriers that are driving vertical development. The Brookings Institution projects that the global share of population living in urban cities will swell from 54% in 2014 to 70% in 2050.

“This video will arm brokers with pertinent information they need to share with potential buyers and investors that relieves any doubts that Miami is very hot and will be a growth mechanism for buyers with a long term horizon,” says Peggy Fucci, CEO of OneWorld Properties, the exclusive sales and marketing firm for PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter.

The signature tower of the massive 30-acre mixed use Miami Worldcenter, one of the largest mixed-use projects in the country, PARMOUNT Miami Worldcenter has attracted buyers spanning more than 40 countries with more than $300 million in sales. Construction on PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter is actively underway.