SKY’S THE LIMIT New £690,000 luxury Miami apartments will have a ‘skyport’ on the roof for flying cars

SKY’S THE LIMIT New £690,000 luxury Miami apartments will have a ‘skyport’ on the roof for flying cars

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Flying cars could be a thing in just a few years - and one luxury real estate developer is preparing a new building for the future

By Joe Finnerty, Digital Motors Editor,

A STUNNING new apartment block in Miami will be kitted out with a "skyport" on the roof for flying cars.

The 60-storey luxury flats will feature a sky lounge on the top floor and places for flying taxis to pick up passengers.

The 700ft tall Paramount Miami Worldcenter has been redesigned ahead of its completion.

It will re-use the rooftop swimming pool and top floor observatory for the "skyport" when the time is right with flying cars slated to be common in the next decade.

The incredible pool has been designed with a movable hidden floor that can rise through the water.

It takes a matter of minutes to create a 3,000-square-foot landing platform.

The terminal, where residents will wait for their airborne rides with the help of a doorman, will be initially used as an observatory.

Developer Dan Kodsi said: "You want to be part of the group in the real-estate industry that’s reacting now, not ‘Oh, I wish we had thought of that trend.

"The future of transportation is here within the next 10 to 15 years and urban aviation is closer to reality than you might expect.

"One day, Paramount Miami Worldcenter residents could seamlessly ride a sleek glass elevator up to the luxury tower’s private rooftop, where they could be picked up or dropped off by on-demand aircraft.

"Imagine traveling from Miami to Palm Beach—a drive that takes the better part of two hours—in about 30 minutes."

Apartments in the skyscraper start at £690,000 for a two bedroom condo.

The building is currently nearing completion with 75 per cent of it already sold - and should open in spring 2019.

Unsurprisingly really given the incredible lineup of facilities inside.

The lavish development has soccer pitches and tennis parks built around it.

And inside there's a spa, golf simulator, boxing studio and recording studio.

There's even a food market for you to do the weekly shopping without venturing out to your local supermarket with regular humans.