The first parking for flying cars

The first parking for flying cars

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The Paramount Miami World Center skyscraper prepares to receive the first vehicles in 2019

Paramount Miami Worldcenter builder Dan Kodsi has laid the foundation stone for the future of urban aviation, with the modified design of the tower to incorporate a 5,000-square-foot Skyport (around 464.5 m2) into the roof of this new 60-story building in downtown Miami, thus giving way to the first urban car park for city cars.

The evolution of transport

Considered a professional with a long career in the real estate sector, specializing in urban planning and with experience as a recreational pilot, Kodsi has built more than 6,000 units throughout his 30-year career. Currently, he focuses his efforts on the innovative futuristic residential tower, Paramount Miami Worldcenter and on converting his roof into a Skyport, a "landing strip in the sky" for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL), also known as passenger drones or "flying cars".

"Here lies the future of transportation within the next 10 to 15 years". We do not doubt that urban aviation is closer to reality than we would expect, flying vehicles will use airspace to alleviate traffic congestion and traffic. at ground level and thus making daily trips will be faster, while contributing to cleaner air around the world.These vehicles look like a helicopter, but they are much quieter, work electronically and are green," says Kodsi.

And it is time that the residents of the luxury skyscraper will be able to take a glass elevator to go up to the private roof terrace, where they can pick up or leave a previously requested plane.

Since Uber Elevate announced it would start testing its urban air taxis in Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Dubai in 2020, a galactic technology race has emerged between aircraft manufacturers and domestic and international automobile manufacturers to develop "vehicles" flying." German companies such as Volocopter and Lillium, Airbus's Vahana; Chinese like Ehang 184 and Terrafugia, Google's Kitty Hawk Flyer and Workhorse Surefly are working on it.

A luxury tower in the heart of Miami
Paramount, the skyscraper located within the huge Miami
Worldcenter project in the heart of Miami is sold in more than 70%, obtaining to date 400 million dollars (about 341 million euros ) for the sale of its more than 500 units residential with views of the city and the bay. Among its buyers, more than 50 different nationalities stand out. The houses vary in size, from 109 m2 to 218 m2, with prices from 750,000 dollars (around 639,000 €).

The construction company responsible for the execution of the
tower, CoastalTishman, expects to complete the vertical construction, to the top floor, this summer, and by the spring of 2019 to have all the work completed.